A Brief Profile of John Studzinski

In business world, there are no easy ways to gain popularity. There might be a lot of businessmen and business women with their unique way to run a business. If you are in business world, then you might idolize one or two business experts. You need to look for some business experts so that you can learn from them. You should study how they run their business and what can you do to run your own business. It is not always easy to run a business, especially if you never earn business degree. However, business is not always about academic degree, it is also about experiences, instinct, and it also takes courage.

One of popular and successful businessmen that you should know is John Studzinski. He earns his way in business through hard work and passion. You might want to study John studzinski executive profile to learn more about his works and achievements. Studzinski was born in Peabody, Massachusetts in 1956. At first, he never showed interest on finance or business. He attended Bowdoin College to take biology and sociology major degree. Then he took MBA for finance and marketing at University of Chicago. Even if he came from Massachusetts, Studzinski is also US citizen.


You might have known Studzinski as Blackstone advisory partner now. But he has worked for several companies before he join Blackstone Group. In the beginning of his career, Studzinski worked as an investment banker. He worked at Morgan Stanley in 1980. After working for 23 years in Morgan Stanley, Studzinski moved to work for HSBC Company. However, he only worked at HSBC for 3 years before moved to Blackstone Group. Studzinski does not only love his job as businessman, but he also loves arts. He found Genesis Foundation in 2000. He wanted to support some emerging artists so they can be developed into great artists.

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